Japan’s Marutomi Seishi develops ultra-long coreless toilet paper

Japan’s Marutomi Seishi develops ultra-long coreless toilet paper
Photo courtesy of Marutomi Seishi

The new patent-pending innovation allows each roll of paper to be 300 metres or 980 feet in length when unfurled – three times the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York!

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Japan, known for inventing auto-warming seats, adjustable bidet sprays and anti-bacterial ‘pre-mist’ self-cleaning toilet bowls, has upped the ante again in its toilet innovation.

A brand-new manufacturing method by paper maker Marutomi Seishi, which is awaiting patent approval, has allowed researchers to develop a 300 metre long compact toilet roll that helps users eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce the carbon footprint.

Two rolls of the new super compact paper would provide the same amount of toilet paper as a standard pack of 12 rolls.

The firm said the extra-long roll would be ideal for stockpiling in case of a natural disaster or times of shortage. They can also be stored compactly in an emergency backpack.

The launch this month comes at a time when this precious tissue continues to be in short supply across the country due to the pandemic and frenzied buying.

Photo courtesy of Marutomi Seishi

According to Marutomi Seishi’s developers, the roll is designed in a way that requires less wrapping material in the packaging compared to standard toilet paper as it has no cardboard core.

The 'scent free paper' has been also treated with a deodorant to reduce the impact of smells coming from the tissue. 

Each roll features a natural leaf pattern using watermark technologies, to highlight its green credentials, and creating another printing process that is also awaiting a patent.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has always suggested that each household keeps at least a month's worth of toilet paper in case of emergencies. This tissue roll definitely ticks the box!

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