The Philippines are the world’s most active Internet and Social Media Users

The Philippines are the world’s most active Internet and Social Media Users
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As of Jan 2021, the Philippines, Brazil and Colombia are the three leading online countries globally

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The Philippines remains as the top country worldwide whose citizens spend the most time on the internet and social media, said research firms Hootsuite and We Are Social in their latest Digital 2021 report.

Hootsuite and We Are Social said citizens in the Philippines spend an average of 10 hours and 56 minutes on the internet daily via any device. This is the sixth straight year that the Philippines has led the world in internet and social media usage.

This is longer compared to last year’s data which recorded only 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Trailing behind is Brazil with an average internet usage time of 10 hours and 8 minutes and Colombia with 10 hours and 7 minutes.

Japan remains as the country with the least time spent on the internet with only 4 hours and 25 minutes. Japan users say they spend less than an hour a day, or 51 minutes, on social media.

The number of users continue to trend up

Among some of the key mobile, Internet and social media highlights, Hootsuite and We Are Social reported that:

  • Mobile: 22 billion people use a mobile phone today, equating to 66.6% of the world’s total population. Unique mobile users have grown by 1.8% (93 million) since January 2020, while the total number of mobile connections has increased by 72 million (0.9%) to reach a total of 8.02 billion at the start of 2021.
  • Internet: 66 billion people around the world use the internet in January 2021, up by 316 million (7.3%) since this time last year. Global internet penetration now stands at 59.5%.
  • Social media: There are now 20 billion social media users around the world. This figure has grown by 490 million over the past 12 months, delivering year-on-year growth of more than 13%. The number of social media users is now equivalent to more than 53% of the world’s total population.
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