ZTE and China Unicom launch network orchestration trial

ZTE and China Unicom launch network orchestration trial

Claimed to be the first in the industry done commercially, the trial shows that spectrum sharing can boost throughput and provide a better user experience.

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ZTE and China Unicom have conducted what both claim as a commercial trial of the industry's first Intelligent Radio Network Orchestration Solution, with both user orchestration and network orchestration, in Dalian, China.

Findings from the trial reveal that user orchestration was able to improve both 5G user experiences and 5G camping ratio. The uplink NR low-throughput user ratio is reduced by 50% while the handover delay is reduced by 50% and the 5G camping ratio is increased significantly. 

According to ZTE and China Unicom, when 4G/5G dynamic spectrum sharing is on, the network orchestration can automatically adjust the spectrum configurations according to the traffic requirements.

The average 5G user throughput is increased by 20%-130% adapting to spectrum configuration, while the 4G user number and traffic remain unaffected. This brings new possibilities to NR user experience improvement and O&M simplification in the 4G/5G dynamic spectrum sharing scenario.

ZTE and China Unicom aim to collaborate further in intelligent radio network orchestration from standards, products and services to facilitate research, development and commercial applications, aiming at building 5G networks with enhanced user experiences and network efficiency. 

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