South Korea’s Lotte Group stays nimble with SD-WAN makeover

South Korea’s Lotte Group stays nimble with SD-WAN makeover

Soaring traffic, complex networks and the need to work in multi-cloud environments made an infrastructure upgrade necessary for the Asian conglomerate

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The Lotte group in South Korea, which began business in 1948, is the country’s fifth largest conglomerate with over 90 business units employing more than 60,000 people across industries that include food, retail, chemical, construction, manufacturing, tourism and finance. 

This diversification makes investments in a robust network and WAN infrastructure to support the connections among different business sites critical to growth. 

The challenge 

With the demands on WANs soaring from increasing traffic, and networks becoming more complex with the introduction of multi-cloud environments, the Lotte Group leadership tasked Lotte Data Communication Company (LDCC) with a broad examination of its entire WAN infrastructure.  

LDCC found performance degradation caused by the growing use of cloud applications and services, and that additional capacity was required to accommodate increasing traffic and the high cost of network management for different sites 

There was also the need to introduce an advanced network infrastructure that can detect and manage traffic on each line on a real-time basis, better visibility across the entire network and to analyse the source of an error in real-time 

LDCC determined that they would have to continue to add costly lines to accommodate expanding traffic if the company stayed with their existing WAN infrastructure.  

Furthermore, since each affiliate was using an increasing number of cloud applications and services while still going through the data centre in the existing WAN, performance issues would remain even with additional lines.