SATS to embed IoT, automation in S$150m 'food hub'

SATS to embed IoT, automation in S$150m 'food hub'

New technology-laden catering facility to be stood up by 2024.

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SATS, a Singapore provider of catering to aviation, healthcare, hospitality and government agencies, is set to build a S$150m food production hub that uses automation and IoT (internet of things) technology to increase efficiency.

The company will stand up the new food hub in Singapore's Jurong Innovation District. It is expected to be completed by 2024.

SATS said the facility would incorporate existing expertise in areas such as digitalisation, innovation and supply chain while enabling the company to “hone vital new skills for the future”.

“The company will deploy automation and robotics to achieve operational efficiency,” it said. 

“For example, processes within the hub will be networked with IoT to provide data that will aid planning, increase asset utilisation and reduce food waste. 

“Large-batch production of meals will be automated to achieve efficiency, and certain manual processes such as meal assembly will potentially be carried out by robotic finger grippers and auto-dispensing units for various food components.”

SATS said it would also create close linkages between the new hub and its SATS Global Innovation Centre (SGIC), which develops collaborations with startups and researchers.

“SATS food hub’s location in Jurong Innovation District allows us to tap into Singapore’s innovation ecosystem to develop new products and services,” SATS CEO and president Kerry Mok said.

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