Malaysia aims to become nation of technology developers

Malaysia aims to become nation of technology developers

A R&D budget will be set aside by the government to undertake experimental development research in technology

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Malaysia has set forth a new initiative aimed at intensifying technology developments and transforming the country from being technology users to developers. 

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Khairy Jamaluddin said the country wants to be a high-technology country, and efforts are ongoing to reduce dependence on foreign technology and labour. 

Under the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTIN) 2021-2030, experimental development research efforts will be raised as the government has allocated 50 per cent of funds for R&D.  

“The government through this ministry has formulated the new policy which will also address the issue of innovation inefficiency, where the concept of Science, Technology, Innovation and Economy (STIE) is introduced in this policy,” said Khairy. 

“An integrated approach combining the two major sectors of the country, namely 'STI' and 'Economy' as one sector to ensure that all programmes are implemented to complement each other and have a high impact, thus making STI as an enabler in addressing national issues and challenges,” he said during the launch of the 10-10 plan.  

The new policy outlines six cores, along with 20 strategies and 46 initiatives, covering all sectors and living spaces of people from all walks of life. 

Khairy said the six cores emphasised responsive STI governance, empowerment of research, development, commercialisation and innovation (R&D&C&I) as well as the use of local technology by the industry, STI talent development, embracing and application of STIE as well as bringing STI to the global stage. 

"We are aware that STI-based economic growth efforts require the cooperation of various parties, therefore this policy emphasises strategic collaboration between government, industry, academia and society, particularly in the development of local technologies through R&D&C&I," he said. 

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