Infocan aiding Hong Kong companies with their digital transformation

Infocan aiding Hong Kong companies with their digital transformation

Move aimed at plugging shortage of talent in Hong Kong’s digital economy

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To help businesses in Hong Kong with accelerating their digital transformation, Infocan launched a customised Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consultation Programme.

Harry Ng, Director of Skills Transfer Consulting at Infocan, said:"We want to support businesses most adversely affected by the pandemic to speed up integrating technology into different areas of their business, for greater productivity at lower costs.”

Those under the programme will benefit from Infocan’s analysis of their organisations’ needs and recommendations of the relevant cloud-based applications, such as those that support remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also tailor the training programmes accordingly for employees with little to no coding experience to develop custom applications for their company to boost efficiency and enhance customer experience.

“Applications in the market may not be able to keep up with the changing business landscape. We are seeing more companies wanting to recruit tech talents to develop their own business applications to cope with an upsurge in online and e-commerce activities,” said Harry Ng.

One of the most important parts of the programme is how it will help companies train employees who are the end-users and without any prior IT knowledge, to become citizen developers in a short period of time. The re-skilled workforce will help ease the skill shortage needed to develop new applications while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

Ng shared that the “Citizen programmer is a global trend to narrow the tech workforce demand gap. According to a recent Gartner report, 61 per cent of organisations either have or plan to have active citizen development initiatives.”

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