Biznet partners Ciena to boost fibre network capacity in Indonesia

Biznet partners Ciena to boost fibre network capacity in Indonesia
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To meet increased demand for digital access.

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Biznet, an Indonesia-based integrated digital infrastructure company, is boosting the network capacity, coverage and adaptability of its fibre network using Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical Platform that is powered by WaveLogic coherent optics.

Ciena’s partner Terrabit Networks will implement the upgrade.

According to Biznet, the technology will help expand its network to more than 180 cities across the country and meet the growing needs of a digital Indonesia. 

Biznet’s President Director, Adi Kusma, said the technology "would help deliver high-capacity networking that maximises bandwidth efficiency, capacity and flexibility" of the overall network, "helping us meet evolving customer needs".

Terrabit will deploy Ciena’s 6500, providing Biznet with a programmable infrastructure that can dynamically scale and adjust to changing network requirements.

The technology integrates optical transport networking and flexible advanced photonics capabilities across multiple chassis form factors.

To maximise Biznet’s service and help explore new business segments, the 6500's high-density 10G and 100G transponders enable multi-protocol, low-latency and wire-speed encryption capabilities.

Ciena ASEAN’s Regional Managing Director, Dion Leung said: “With the 6500, we are supporting Biznet in its mission to provide fast and stable internet services to support digital activities – anywhere, anytime – in Indonesia, even as connectivity consumption habits continue to change.”

Terrabit's group MD, Lawrence Toh, said Terrabit and Ciena have, since 2014, deployed and supported Biznet's optical transport network linking Jakarta, Bangka, Batam and Singapore.

The network has a maximum capacity of 1.6 terabits per second (Tbps) thruput and comprises 1,000 km of fibre.

Apart from this, the two companies are also partnering Biznet on its 2 Tbps capacity Java backbone connecting over 3000km of fibre and the upcoming 1.2 Tbps capacity expansion into Sumatra and Java island, with over 1000 km of connected fibre.

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