Taiwan AI Labs taps into Synology storage solutions

Taiwan AI Labs taps into Synology storage solutions

To deploy all-flash systems to support data warehousing.

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Taiwan AI Labs has chosen data storage and management firm, Synology to build its core infrastructure.

Established in 2017, Taiwan Asia Labs is a privately-funded research organisation working to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for smart healthcare, smart city, metaverse, and human-machine interface research.

Taiwan AI Labs was looking for a solution to efficiently store the ever-growing pool of data used to feed its AI training pipelines.

Keeping scalability and reliability requirements in mind, the IT team chose Taiwan-based Synology to build a powerful object storage cluster, Taiwan AI Labs said.

The Taiwan AI Labs is “deploying” Synology’s all-flash systems to support the data warehouse infrastructure, building a training pipeline to “quickly move data” from the primary storage repository to high-performance AI accelerator clusters.

The company’s engineers were looking to include Kubernetes (K8s) components in their new infrastructure.

Synology systems support management from K8s through the Synology CSI Driver.

This allows for the provisioning, management, and mirroring of storage volumes across Synology systems directly by K8s, which can “reduce” management overhead when running dynamic workloads.

Further, the Taiwan AI Labs IT team relies on Synology High Availability (SHA) clusters to “eliminate” single points of failure in critical production environments.

Data security

To ensure data security, Synology’s IT team designed a backup architecture using Synology SA series units as primary backup servers.

Taiwan AI Labs will be deploying Synology’s Snapshot Replication to create point-in-time copies of shared folders and LUNs, which can be restored quickly in the event of accidental or malicious deletion.

Additionally, the organisation also plans to leverage “Hyper Backup” and “C2 Storage” as one of backup solutions, which it needs to complete its 3-2-1 backup architecture.

The C2 Storage with data protection features and AES-256 encryption ensures data security and meets Taiwan AI Labs' privacy standards.

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