Singtel and Intel set up 5G edge compute incubator

Singtel and Intel set up 5G edge compute incubator

To help enterprise adoption of applications.

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Singtel is collaborating with Intel to establish a 5G multi-access edge compute (MEC) incubator.

The incubator will be powered by Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors and Intel data centre GPU, Ponte Vecchio, and supported by Singtel’s Paragon orchestration platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services.

According to Singtel, this will enable enterprises to adopt 5G seamlessly, deploy applications that need low latency processing at the edge, drive innovation and accelerate their digital transformation.

The collaboration will focus on developing applications and ecosystems to deliver “transformational enterprise and consumer use cases” like high-definition content delivery, cloud gaming, video analytics, virtual-augmented-mixed reality and metaverse applications.

Singtel said enterprises will be able to tap into the ecosystems of Singtel and Intel “to deliver their 5G use cases”, including ready-to-deploy applications for rapid trials and proof of concepts for research and development.

The telco added one of the first solutions to be trialled was an accelerated content delivery solution.

“Initial trials have shown a significant reduction in the time needed to load videos - by up to 46 percent on 5G Edge MEC compared to 4G with public cloud”, a Singtel spokesperson said.

The telco added that customers who operate digital twin technology stand to “benefit from this solution” as it enables higher video resolution and increases the accuracy of real-time video analytics for mission-critical use cases.

The solution, soon to be launched commercially, also enables enterprises to identify potential use cases in areas like mixed reality, cloud gaming, and metaverse applications.

Singtel and Intel also welcome solution providers with “cutting-edge 5G applications” to join the programme and incubator for rapid trials and pilots.

“As more solution providers join the ecosystem, enterprises will have access to a greater range of capabilities and solutions to hone their operations,” the Singtel spokesperson said.

Singtel’s group enterprise and regional data centre business CEO, Bill Chang, said: “We’re collectively (with Intel) bringing together our best of breed knowledge, expertise, assets and ecosystem to help address business needs, improve operational efficiencies, unlock new opportunities and advance in a 5G world”.

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