Singapore's PUB extends digital transformation of water infrastructure

Singapore's PUB extends digital transformation of water infrastructure

Using software from Envirosuite.

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Singapore’s Public Utility Board (PUB) is digitally transforming its water and wastewater treatment plants with the aid of software from Australian company Envirosuite.

The national water agency is using EVS water plant optimiser software to “determine the required coagulant dosage in water treatment processes”.

Coagulation is a common treatment process used to remove particulates and other matter, in order to make water safe to drink.

Envirosuite won PUB’s global innovation challenge (GIC) in June last year for coagulant dosage in water treatment processes.

In addition, PUB is using EVS Omnis software “to manage and predict odour control at two reclamation sites.” 

“The EVS Omnis solution is paired with a network of ambient odour sensors to manage and predict the odour issues, optimise operational planning periods, feed into odour control recommendations and optimise the use of chemicals and electricity,” the vendor said in a statement.

It added that PUB “is widely regarded as one of the most innovative water utilities in the world that initiates global technology adoption.”

“We are delighted to effect this significant agreement for Envirosuite as we continue to grow our EVS Water customer base in a multi-billion-dollar market,” it said.

PUB is the national water agency under the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment that manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment, and used water in an integrated way. 

Singapore uses 430 million gallons of water every day, and PUB is ensuring that this water is captured, safe to use and adequately supplied.

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