Huawei Cloud to launch region in Indonesia

Huawei Cloud to launch region in Indonesia
Jacqueline Shi

By the end of the year.

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Huawei will launch a new cloud region in Indonesia this year, offering “over 60” services to local businesses.

The announcement coincided with the inaugural Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit this week.

Huawei Cloud's global marketing and sales service president, Jacqueline Shi, said the Huawei Cloud “will implement the latest global strategy, ‘everything-as-a-service’ in Indonesia.”

“That is, infrastructure-as-a-service, technology-as-a-service, and expertise-as-a-service,” she said.

‘Everything-as-a-service’ is a strategic vision that Huawei Cloud first outlined in China in September last year.

Shi said that a local region would help Indonesia’s enterprises digitally transform, and “provide the latest tech to help Indonesia cultivate the most needed talent for the digital economy”.

Huawei Cloud said the Asia Pacific remains key to its cloud ambitions, and that “Indonesia is one of the major countries in the region.”

“Here, Huawei Cloud works with more than 500 local partners to provide cloud services and solutions for hundreds of customers in more than 10 industries, including logistics, media, finance, and government service,” the company said.

“The future will be a future with cloud, digital, and intelligence. 

“Huawei Cloud hopes to work and grow together with more local customers and partners to build the foundation for the digital economy of Indonesia.”

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