HSC Global Comms builds hyperscale data centre in Hong Kong

HSC Global Comms builds hyperscale data centre in Hong Kong

Large public cloud operators have been leading the surge in demand for data centre space and ramping up their hyper scale facilities

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Fixed-line operator and ICT service provider HGC Global Communications has set up a hyperscale-focused fibre optic network at AirTrunk's latest hyperscale data centre inHong Kong. 

AirTrunk converted an eight-storey industrial building into a 20+ MW facility hyperscale data centre with a design PUE of 1.35 to support cloud customers ramping up their operations inHong Kongand the wider region. 

HGC's fully meshed and fibre connectivity is available to link the new data centre to other data centres in the city and beyond into the Asia Pacific regionThe data centre, which opened its doors in December, can be brought online within four to six weeks, and between two to three weeks for fast track customers, said HSC in a press release.  

Structure Research estimates theHong Kongdata centre market to grow at a CAGR of 13% to 14%, reachingUS$1.7 billionby 2023. A key driver behind this growth is the rise in the leasing of data centre space to hyperscale companies, especially large public cloud operators.Hong Kongto date has one of the highest concentrations of deployments by these players. 

Thomas Lee, AVP, Global Carrier Data, International Business of HGC, said: "We have borne witness to rapid mounting demand for data centre to data centre network connectivity services inHong Kong. The HGC fibre optic grid available at AirTrunk's facility is a solid and robust infrastructure. It has the ability to be tailored to each client's needs, and has a specially designed SLA for hyperscale companies, including large public cloud companies seeking to expand in the region" 

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