Five essential steps to building a converged IT/OT Security Operations Centre

Five essential steps to building a converged IT/OT Security Operations Centre

These building blocks are necessary for managing risk effectively within industrial environments of many organisations.

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Industrial organisations that are adopting digital transformation are increasingly faced with security challenges as operational technology (OT) and IT converge.

Once air-gapped from corporate IT networks, which sought to separate OT networks from the Internet and its global community of hackers and cyber-criminals, as OT networks become connected, if not properly integrated with IT networks, the entire network becomes vulnerable.

While OT does require specific tools for industrial cybersecurity, one area where enterprises can leverage their existing resources and personnel is the security operations centre (SOC).

The SOC is already widely accepted as a hallmark of mature IT security programs. According to Claroty, by consolidating OT security with your existing IT-centric SOC, you can achieve greater visibility across the entire enterprise, enhanced security monitoring and comprehensive threat mitigation.

IT/OT SOC convergence also enables a standardised approach to enterprise security that facilitates a secure digital transformation by enabling rapid configuration changes, new policy implementation, and compliance to new regulations or industry standards from one view. Collectively, these benefits amount to better risk management.

To find out more on how to build the converged SOC, you can download the Claroty whitepaper here.

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