Equinix continues to enlarge global footprint with xScale expansion plan

Equinix continues to enlarge global footprint with xScale expansion plan
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With the expansion, Equinix aims to deepen its relationship with the world's largest cloud and hyperscale companies.

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As part of its global expansion, Equinix has announced a US$3 billion xScale data centre programme, financed with the support of joint venture partners, that will serve the growing demands of hyperscale companies that are deploying infrastructure at the company.

The strategic expansion will also enable Equinix’s ecosystem of 10,000 customers access to strategic providers. 

With xScale data centres, hyperscale companies can add core deployments to their existing access point footprints at Equinix, enabling their growth on a single platform that can immediately span 63 global metros and offer direct interconnection to their customers and strategic business partners, said Equinix in a press release.

“For years, the world’s largest cloud service providers, including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, have partnered with Equinix to leverage its global platform of more than 220 data centres to directly connect to their strategic business partners and customers.

“As these companies continue to expand, they require capacity at scale to match their internal compute, storage and edge cache requirements.”

APAC Highlights/Key Facts:

  • Opening of TY12x in Tokyo

On March 1, Equinix opened its first xScale data centre in Tokyo, TY12x. With TY12x, the company secures an anchor tenant committed to the full phase one capacity and a significant portion of phase two capacity.  

    • TY12x is Equinix’s first xScale data centre in Asia. It will provide more than 186,000 square feet (about 17,300 square meters) of colocation space and will support 54 megawatts of power to hyperscale customers all phases are complete.
    • TY12x operates in close proximity to 11 International Business Exchange™ IBX® data centres in Tokyo.
    • The Tokyo metro is a strategic hub for financial services companies, internet providers, and cloud, content and mobility service providers. Equinix data centres serve as strategic network hubs in Tokyo, where international and major local carriers meet.

In addition, Equinix in Tokyo provides proximity to leading regional internet exchanges including access to JPIX, JPNAP and BBIX.  

  • Additional xScale Data Centres in Asia-Pacific

In addition to TY12x, the OS2x xScale data centre in Osaka is currently under development and is expected to open in Q4 2021. Equinix also anticipates developing one additional xScale data centre in Japan in the future.

The three xScale data centres in Japan are expected to collectively deliver approximately 138 megawatts of power to hyperscale customers in Japan.

  • Equinix and GIC complete JV Agreement in APAC

In Q4 2020, Equinix completed the formation of the greater than US$1.0 billion initial joint venture in the form of a limited liability partnership with GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, to develop and operate xScale data centres in Japan.

    • TY12x, OS2x and a planned future xScale data centre in Japan are included in this initial joint venture.

 “With the launch of our first xScale data centre in Asia-Pacific, we are glad to see our dedication to supporting hyperscalers’ growth is now bearing fruit. This is just our first step on the road to building hyperscale connectivity in the region,” said Jeremy Deutsch, President of Equinix Asia-Pacific.

“As the rise of digital economy continues to fuel the demands for hybrid multi-cloud solutions, we will further deepen our relationship with the world's largest cloud and hyperscale companies, enabling them to scale with agility and deliver world-class digital experience with our increasingly expanding capacity.”

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