‘Bug Bounty ‘set up to improve 5G commercial products

‘Bug Bounty ‘set up to improve 5G commercial products

Cyber security is now critical in the telecoms industry as the deployment of 5G will lead to an increase in the potential attack surfaces.

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Bug bounty platform YesWeHack is partnering with ZTE to develop a bug bounty platform which will be used to cope with new security challenges brought by the 5G network commercialisation.

Through the platform, YesWeHack will invite over 30,000 global security researchers to secure ZTE's products further and discover vulnerabilities typically missed in traditional security audits.

Both YesWeHack and ZTE believe that the deployment of 5G will lead to an increase in the potential attack surfaces and threat landscape with the introduction of new technologies, techniques and capabilities.

In addition, the ability of 5G to support massive IoT connectivity introduces many times more devices connected to the network, presenting a wide-reaching and increased attack surface.

YesWeHack's large cyber security research community will help identify potential vulnerabilities in ZTE products.

This bug bounty program for ZTE products rewards up to $2000 for critical bugs in several product categories such as 5G Common Core, 5G NR, Fixed Network, Multimedia, Cloud Video, Cloud Computing, Database management Systems and Terminal products.

"The richness and diversity of the YesWeHack community offer the spectrum of skills required to cover the full range of perimeters, whether hardware or applications," said Kevin Gallerin, APAC Managing Director, YesWeHack.

During a keynote speech at Mobile World 2 Congress this year, Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE, highlighted the importance of intrinsic security: “Intrinsic security acts as a self-sensing, self-adaptive, and self-evolving immune system for networks. Built during network construction, it offers multiple security functions and can evolve automatically during network operation, thus constantly guaranteeing the security, services, and data."

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