Bank Danamon uses SuccessFactors to optimise HR processes

Bank Danamon uses SuccessFactors to optimise HR processes
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Helps reduce employee complaints and manage dynamic big data.

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Indonesia’s PT Bank Danamon, part of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), is using SAP SuccessFactors to optimise its human resources (HR) management practices, as part of its digital transformation journey.

Using SuccessFactors, the bank is combining HR and business data for actionable business decisions.

It is also being used by the bank to manage rich and dynamic big data, besides recording and managing administrative HR data.

Bank Danamon Indonesia’s Head of HR Digitalisation, Handri Yustanto said that the digitisation process has helped in “cutting” more than 20 percent of HR processes and 64 percent of manual processes.

Yustanto also said the organisation has been able to reduce employee complaints by more than 70 percent, automate 64 percent of formerly manual operations, and give managers or staff decision-making control over 30 percent of the activities with added value as a result of the HR digital transformation ushered in by the use of SuccessFactors.

Bank Danamon has been using SAP products since 2017.

HR issues 

With data spread across various sources, the HR team, prior to the use of SuccessFactors, had to “find and collect” the employee data manually or contact IT to provide access to the data for reporting and analysis, which often would take weeks or even months to process.

Further, the “absence of data analysis” also resulted in HR getting an incomplete picture of the company's workforce and being unable to be proactive.

The bank is preparing to further digitise HR processes within the next year or two.

Yustanto said the company was in the process of designing an HR Strategic Initiative roadmap for 2023-2024, with an emphasis on building data-driven processes that would utilise “rich and dynamic HR big data to drive strategic decisions regarding human resources”.

“In addition, we want to be able to utilise the data not only for business analysis but also people analysis,” he added.

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