Australian Data Centres engages Oracle to provide sovereign hosted cloud services to government

Australian Data Centres engages Oracle to provide sovereign hosted cloud services to government

As a next step, ADC will be sharing their best practices with the government and major telecom providers.

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Australian Data Centres (ADC) have selected Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer to provide sovereign hosted cloud services to the Australian Federal Government.

The Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer will be hosted within Australian Data Centres’ state-of-the-art secure date centre facility in Canberra, extending Oracle’s already broad services to the government that is spread across secure workloads in National Security, Health, Human Services, and other departments and agencies handling sensitive data of Australia and its citizens.

“Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer makes it easier for government entities to securely move to the next stage of their cloud-enabled transformation,” said Cherie Ryan, vice president and Regional managing director ANZ, Oracle. “It builds on our strong momentum in the Canberra market and provides the equivalent of a third Australian cloud region, complementing our existing investments in second-generation cloud regions in Melbourne and Sydney.”

Using Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, ADC can build Oracle’s public cloud regions in its own datacentres. This gives ADC physical control of their infrastructure, and the ability to provide locally hosted data to help meet the most demanding data sovereignty hosting requirements.

The cloud region provides strong isolation of customer data, including all API operations, which remain local to the data centre and provides high levels of security. ADC can access all of Oracle’s second-generation cloud services, including Bare Metal Compute, VMs and GPUs, Autonomous Database, and Exadata Cloud Service; container-based services like Container Engine for Kubernetes; and analytics services like Data Flow, while also having control and governance of their systems and services.

With Oracle Cloud@Customer, enterprises can lift and shift legacy workloads and consolidate on a single platform, enabling them to improve TCO without requiring re-architecture. Customers also have access to development services, like API Gateway and Events Services that will help them incrementally modernise their stack in-place, reducing the risk and expense of adopting new technologies.

ADC will be sharing their best practice data centre security operations, risk management and a “sovereign beyond doubt” hosting location approach with connectivity to the Intra-government Communications Network (ICON) and to all major telecom providers.

Agencies will have access to the complete portfolio of second-generation Oracle Cloud services, including a broad range of Oracle's SaaS applications. This brings new and exciting opportunities for government customers to digitally transform while meeting stringent sovereign hosting.

“We are committed to building capacity to provide services to the government by Australian providers to assure both the security and reliability of the supply chain,” said Rob Kelly, Managing Director, Australian Data Centres.

“This is a major step toward enabling more choice for government to access world-leading cloud services, in a data centre managed by a 100% Australian sovereign company, focused on connectivity, security, and simplified deployment. Critically, it addresses data hosting sovereignty, enhanced security and performance attributes required to accelerate Governments shift to the cloud services.”

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