Wipro selected by UK-based Menzies Aviation to digitalise operations

Wipro selected by UK-based Menzies Aviation to digitalise operations

To transform cargo management services.

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UK-based aviation services company, Menzies Aviation has selected Indian IT services provider Wipro to transform its air cargo management services.

The company is using Wipro’s cloud-based cargo handling solution that provides visibility and location of cargo to Menzies and its customers.

It also supports scanning technology for documentation and integrates directly with customers’ operating systems, resulting in increased transparency and real-time tracking, Menzies said.

Menzies Aviation provides air cargo, fuel and ground services at 254 airports in 58 countries, making it the world's largest aviation services company by the number of countries and second largest by the number of airports served.

The company’s Executive VP for Cargo, Robert Fordree, said the agreement with Wipro will “enable end-to-end digitalisation of operations, process standardisation, consistent customer service and enhanced employee experience, important in attracting a new generation of cargo professionals”.

Menzies will roll out the solution to five air cargo locations by the end of this year.

These locations are Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland in New Zealand; Macau in China; and Bucharest in Romania.

The company plans to fully implement the product across Menzies’ global network by 2024.

The (Menzies) teams will be able to utilise an operating system more aligned with the look and feel of everyday apps, and customers will benefit from increased transparency of cargo status, use of automation to speed up processes and improved safety and security procedures, said Fordree.

He added that the partnership will help develop “new technologies for warehouses of the future including robotics, autonomous vehicles and true paperless environments.”

Wipro’s managing director for UK and Ireland, Omkar Nisal, said the collaboration will address Menzies’ need for improved efficiencies in the supply chain driven by the growth in the e-commerce business while improving processes in air cargo. 

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