Vodafone unit builds enterprise platform with Grene Robotics

Vodafone unit builds enterprise platform with Grene Robotics
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To enhance customer journey.

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India’s telecom operator Vodafone Idea’s enterprise business unit, Vi Business has partnered with Hyderabad-based robotics and autonomous technology firm Grene Robotics for building its enterprise platform to achieve visibility across all its systems and portals.

The firm has built the cloud-based digital platform, Vi Business Hub (ViBH) as a single operating system that stitches all internal business processes, starting from Lead to Order, an approach that creates visibility at every step of the process, facilitating business teams with end-to-end visibility. 

As a "mobile first" solution, it has ensured to avail all functionalities both on the mobile app and web for faster customer updates. The company could achieve faster turnaround times (TAT) and an instant view of requests progression. 

Vodafone Idea’s executive vice president and head of enterprise products and business operations, Rochak Kapur told iTnews Asia that the new platform has transformed the way Vi Business interacted with customers, helping the company gain “speed to market” in the lead-to-order continuum. 

“This could improve operational efficiency and save multiple capabilities refresh for the frontline teams,” he added.  

Vi Business provides communication solutions to empower global and Indian corporations, public sectors, government bodies, small and medium enterprises and start-ups. It has a portfolio of over 40 products and services across connectivity and technology lines, along with complex customer journeys and multiple processes spread across systems. 

In order to simplify and digitalise customer journeys for its vast portfolio, the firm required a digital solution to integrate all relevant surrounding systems for internal teams to transact and collaborate online. It also needed do-it-yourself (DIY) journeys to reduce the dependence of sales and service teams on back-end desks.

Vi Business embarked on this ViBH project by partnering with Grene Robotics to complete the platform development with the Grene OS platform and other in-house domain expertise. Grene OS platform’s low code/ no code development and agnostic integration capabilities provided the firm with the much-needed agility and speed in project implementation. 

Globally, telecom companies implement Lead to Cash, an end-to-end top-level business process that begins with marketing and ends with revenue collection. The implementation is complex and requires interaction and interoperability with all legacy systems to achieve the desired outputs, Kapur explained. 

“Our current project ViBH is the first leg of the Lead to Cash journey,” he said. 

Functional modules

Vi Business could now bring in all stakeholders including employees of channel partners, retail stores and operation agencies on the new platform for all interrelated and collaborating functions in sales, service, business commercial, business finance, business solution, tech feasibility etc. 

“We also developed functional modules for account, lead and opportunity management, forecasting feasibility, digitising sales target setting and automating incentives,” Kapur said. 

The firm could also auto-allocate pricing and proposals and implement business analytics. 

Kapur said one of their largest product lines has achieved 80 percent “instant pricing” through the ViBH platform. 

The pricing case allocation happening in real-time on ViBH has helped the firm save TAT of nearly one working day, compared to its legacy configure, price, and quote (CPQ) system.  It has achieved a “significant” TAT reduction in new account enlistment and overall approvals. 

Moreover, the platform has enabled "remote working" for the sales and service team, providing visibility for KPIs related to customer management.

Speaking about the implementation, Kapur said that through ViBH, they developed a way to obtain user adoption by moving from "digital enforcement" to "user empowerment". We achieved near “zero escalations” in the lead-to-order journeys, he concluded.

Grene Robotics Chief Revenue Officer Mandar M. Mungee said they have plans to collaborate with the Vi Business IT teams to modernise their legacy IT estate, and eventually extend support to Vodafone Idea's consumer business segment in near future.

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