US electronic test equipment maker Keysight taps TCS

US electronic test equipment maker Keysight taps TCS

To upgrade IT infrastructure, improve resilience and user experience.

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US-based Keysight Technologies has expanded its collaboration with Indian IT services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to transform its IT infrastructure and services with an aim to improve resilience, agility, and user experience.

Keysight manufactures electronic test and measurement equipment and software and has its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.

The company also has operations across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

TCS will assist Keysight in creating a unified approach to managing IT services, covering applications, end-to-end IT infrastructure services, and workplace services across the enterprise.

Keysight’s IT Senior Director, Jack Wilmot, said TCS was helping drive “operational excellence and digital business outcomes” for the company.

Our customers “constantly innovate and experiment to realise the full potential of emerging technologies”, he added.

To keep the company focused on helping customers achieve these goals, “there is a need to provide platforms and systems that enable all users throughout the business to work in a productive, secure, and satisfying manner”, he added.

TCS is helping to implement an automation-driven, business-centric operating model leveraging its “Machine First” approach across departments, Wilmot said.

TCS' Machine First approach focuses on augmenting human capability using automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the company said.

The new operating model will boost operational resilience, transform the user experience, and enhance business agility enabling Keysight to seamlessly harness synergies across the value chain, Wilmot added.

According to the company, the program will enable the company to innovate faster as it delivers design, emulation, and test solution advancements.

TCS’s Global Head of communications, media, and technology business, V Rajanna, said the company will help Keysight build an agile IT environment to improve user experience and accelerate innovation across the organisation.

“TCS offers the contextual knowledge and industry expertise necessary to build a proven, secure environment that will help Keysight achieve its business goals in fueling customer innovation,” said Rajanna.

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