Thailand's central bank to upgrade HR system

Thailand's central bank to upgrade HR system
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Selects cloud-based Oracle platform.

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The Bank of Thailand is set to consolidate its human resources data into a single system powered by Oracle Cloud HCM.

The central bank of Thailand hopes to reduce manual processes and improve workflows, with a broader aim of having a HR system that supports its increasingly digital workforce.

“Having an employee-centric HR platform is a key enabler of this change, and critical in attracting and retaining top talent,” according to a statement from the bank and Oracle.

“With hybrid work models fast becoming a mainstay, the bank examined its existing HR solutions and realised the importance of having an innovative HR system to attract, nurture and retain talent.”

The Bank of Thailand is using HCM services including recruiting, human resources, talent management, learning, compensation, workforce management, data masking and analytics.

“We expect that Oracle Cloud HCM will streamline our HR processes, provide our employees with an engaging experience, and consolidate all HR data within a single platform,” head of the human resources change management project Suchot Piamchol said.

“This will ultimately enable effective data-driven HR and organisational operations.”

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