South Korea's BNK Financial Group creates private cloud with Nutanix

South Korea's BNK Financial Group creates private cloud with Nutanix

Operates 90 percent systems.

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Korea's leading regional financial group BNK including Busan Bank and Kyongnam Bank, is using hybrid Nutanix Cloud Platform to extend the use of some of its IT systems across nine of its companies via a private cloud, shared across the group.

BNK is operating approximately 90 percent of BNK systems including some of its back-office banking systems, websites, and human resources management tools on the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

BNK’s managing director Dong Joon Oh said this has resulted in a more efficient and secure work environment, ultimately enhancing the synergy among its affiliates. 

"We introduced Nutanix solutions that boast the high performance and stability needed to modernise our infrastructure and accelerate innovation and our digital growth engines,” he added.

The shared private cloud is used for establishing the new shared system and migrating the existing system. 

Before Nutanix, BNK had attempted a complex introduction of a cloud for each of its affiliates. It decided to build a group wide private cloud to replace legacy infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency. 

“We simplified transition and enabled Nutanix to make the move to cloud at a much lower cost,” he said.

It also plans flexible infrastructure investments based on usage predictions with Nutanix in the future.

BNK plans to migrate and operate all of its on-premises systems on the shared private cloud.  

Nutanix’s managing director Seung Cheol Choi said the firm will continue to provide technical support to BNK Financial Group until the remainder of its business systems are fully in its private cloud.

He added that a few platform advancement projects such as a hybrid cloud platform and PaaS are under review.

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