Orient Futures in Singapore leverages Snowflake data analytics

Orient Futures in Singapore leverages Snowflake data analytics

Orient Futures Singapore aspires to be a ‘broker of the future’ by become intrinsically data driven.

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Singapore brokerage company Orient Futures Singapore has announced that it is using Snowflake’s Data Cloud to make smarter decisions.

Orient will be using Snowflake to provide personalised services for portfolio allocation and modelling, enable smarter management of customer risk profiles through data analytics and perform back testing on historical data and analytical insights from financial data.

As a financial institution, Orient Futures Singapore has a responsibility to store its data securely yet needs to be able to access data from different sources with high computing speed, to stay ahead in providing financial services to clients.

The company is constantly exploring ways to extract and analyse data from various sources with speed and securely to progress towards its goal of being a data-driven, cloud-first digital brokerage.

Orient Futures Singapore will use Snowflake's inbuilt security and governed scalability to consolidate all its data into a single, centralised platform. Snowflake's performant computing power allows Orient Futures Singapore’s employees to easily prepare, transform, and compute data for business analysis. Teams across various departments can easily access near-real time insights via self-service, which powers faster business decisions.

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