NUS Computing tapped to cultivate blockchain talent

NUS Computing tapped to cultivate blockchain talent
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TZ APAC looks outside of 'niche development communities'.

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The National University of Singapore’s School of Computing has partnered with TZ APAC to set up a new ‘centre for nurturing computing excellence’. 

The centre, led by Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck, “will empower students to learn from real-world industry experts in fields such as blockchain technology, cloud computing, and data science.”

TZ APAC, whose mission is to advance the Tezos blockchain ecosystem in the Asia Pacific, said the centre would help NUS Computing “build a strong talent pipeline” of talent in the blockchain industry.

It said that blockchain technology, “in combination with other complementary technologies”, could “contribute towards Singapore's digital economy.”

"In establishing this centre for nurturing computing excellence, we hope to raise the bar for computing education in the country and across the region, as we nurture the next generation of tech talent,” Associate Professor Tan said.

TZ APAC’s new CEO Colin Miles said that by partnering with NUS Computing, “we hope to advance a future in which blockchain education isn't something limited to niche developer communities, but a vital part of computing curriculums across some of the region's leading universities."

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