Jewellery brand Tanishq partners Oracle for inventory management

Jewellery brand Tanishq partners Oracle for inventory management
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Saw a 30 percent reduction in technology support costs.

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Tanishq, a part of the Tata group and one of India’s largest jewellery brands, has migrated its inventory management system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to gain a unified, real-time view of inventory across all stores, optimising inventory and increasing revenue.

It has developed an Endless Aisle system for store managers that allow their customers to browse and order products that are not available in the store.

This system is built on Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low-code application development platform.

The Tata group’s jewellery division has migrated Endless Aisle to OCI, which reduces technology support costs by 30 percent, the company said.

Tanishq’s head of information technology, Srinivasan K, said the brand previously was operating a time-consuming manual process that used to take days to generate an inventory report, hindering the ability to offer customers more products.

With OCI and Oracle APEX, it can scale up and transform inventory tracking and order fulfilment process, he added.

The firm also uses Oracle Database, Oracle Web Application Firewall, and OCI Flexible Load Balancing.

Oracle APEX is a no-cost capability provided with Oracle Database.

This helps manage changing demand for the Endless Aisle service by adding compute and storage resources and scaling back down when it is no longer necessary, Tanishq said.

It added the firm protects businesses against unwanted internet traffic using Oracle Web Application Firewall.

With OCI Flexible Load Balancing, it can distribute network traffic across its 500 stores equally during peak demand.

Oracle India’s VP of Technology Cloud, Kapil Makhija, said it is working with Tanishq to improve efficiency, lower costs, and drive growth.

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