Indonesia set to connect 2,700 villages nationwide with 4G technology

Indonesia set to connect 2,700 villages nationwide with 4G technology
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Project will bring internet connectivity to remote villages and rural areas

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The Indonesian Information and Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia (Kominfo) has signed a framework agreement for the provision of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) 4G infrastructure and technologies

This partnership, and project work, split into two phases or ‘packages’, is scheduled to be done in two years’ time. Package 1 covers 1,364 villages, including 132 villages in Sumatra, 456 villages in Nusa Tenggara, and 776 villages in Kalimantan. Package 2 covers 1,336 villages, including 536 villages in Sulawesi, and 800 villages in Maluku.

"Kominfo is continuously committed to accelerate the distribution of signal and internet access throughout the country to realise a digital nation as soon as possible. By collaborating with the industry, we will build BTS 4G in 12,548 villages by 2022, to make internet access physically accessible even in rural areas," said Kominfo Minister, Johnny G Plate.

"Accelerating the development of BTS is one of the important pillars of our national digital transformation. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Indonesia has developed an agenda consisting of 4 pillars, namely: massive digital infrastructure development, harmonisation of regulations, strengthening of digital ecosystems, and development of digital talents," he added.

"In accordance with the instructions of President Jokowi and Kominfo Minister, BAKTI must supervise the construction of BTS as quickly as possible," said Anang Latif, President and Director of BAKTI.

“We target to build BTS 4G in 7,904 villages, which are divided into 5 packages. Package 3 include development in 824 villages in West Papua and 971 villages in Central West Papua. Package 4 covers 1,819 villages in Central Papua, and package 5 covering 1,590 villages in Eastern Papua. In total, in 2021 BTS will be built in 4,200 villages, while in 2022 BTS will be built in 3,704 villages." 

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