Globe Telecom uses Snowflake to enhance customer experience

Globe Telecom uses Snowflake to enhance customer experience

And enable faster decision-making.

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Philippines’s largest telecommunication services provider Globe Telecom Inc (Globe) is deploying data cloud company Snowflake’s solutions to enhance customer experience and raise data-driven decision-making through data democratisation.   

Globe has embarked on a data modernisation program with a ‘data-first’ approach to leverage the cloud for high performance, resiliency, and speed. It has already successfully migrated its massive enterprise data warehouse from on-premises to Snowflake’s Data Cloud in just 60 days. 

Globe’s vice president of enterprise data office, Dan Natindim, at a fireside chat organised by Snowflake, said they now could enable user groups to explore, wrangle, and analyse data directly in Snowflake, like never before. 

“Data democratisation is data at your fingertips— the ability to access, use, and explore data on your own. We want to enable free decision-making using data quickly without depending on others,” he added.

Globe started its data journey many years ago, initially struggling with siloed and dirty data. It had tried on multiple data governance strategies and standards to get a unified view of data across the organisation. They also faced challenges in using complex technology tools and adoption, he observed.

“We needed a scalable unified platform to enhance data accessibility and empower employee collaboration,” Natindim said.

With Snowflake, Globe could now break down data and technology silos to generate more insights. 

Customer benefits

While the tech teams were happy with 68 percent of their ad-hoc reports being fulfilled via self-service, they had wanted more users and executives to get deeper into data. 

Speed in decision-making was an essential requirement to bring timely solutions for their customers spanning across streams in healthcare, education, entertainment, digital marketing, and e-commerce, among others. 

Through Snowflake’s platform and user-friendly interface, Globe could attain highly scalable storage, compute power and near real-time data insights. 

Natindim said they could largely improve customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement - net promoter score through data analysis. 

We automated several processes like network planning, capacity optimisation, and distribution of cell sites according to the needs of the customers using insights from their mobility patterns, he explained. 

They had also implemented solutions to recommend personalised offers to customers. For instance, we could onboard new customers with welcome offers and existing ones with better choices on their plans based on actual usage, he added. 

The firm has also used analytics for marketing campaigns to provide relevant offers for customers in specific areas during calamities.

“There are a lot more users now getting their hands on data, doing their own analysis and improving how they can provide stronger, more relevant engagement to the customers,” he explained. 

Speaking about the implementation, Natindim said they partnered with Snowflake after patiently evaluating various tools, proof of concepts, interoperability and compatibility within their ecosystem. 

We also wanted to optimise our costs and resources, he said. 

Globe had migrated to a public cloud architecture enabling a 50 percent rise in annual cost savings with Snowflake available on pay as you consume model. 

Further, the company plans for more user adoption with continuous training across the organisation. 

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