Fujitsu Hong Kong's simplified platform enhances efficiency

Fujitsu Hong Kong's simplified platform enhances efficiency
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And better cost savings.

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Fujitsu Hong Kong, an ICT solutions and services provider has revamped its internal IT virtualisation platform to enhance business efficiency.

The company created a smooth and simplified environment with American cloud computing firm Nutanix's secure virtualisation platform.

While Fujitsu regularly deployed Nutanix for its clients, it looked for an opportunity to apply the platform to its own operations.

“We ran the numbers and concluded that Nutanix would be a project worth investing in,” said Eric Ng, head of managed infrastructure service at Fujitsu Hong Kong.

In 2021, Fujitsu was at a crossroads while managing its internal IT infrastructure. It has around 100 staff and currently runs over 90 virtual machines. With increasing service costs and maintenance issues from its previous virtualisation supplier, the company checked on its viability of switching providers.

The company moved away from its old three-tier infrastructure, which required IT staff to maintain servers, switches and storage, and deployed the leaner, Nutanix alternative.

Ng said the firm completed migration to Nutanix in just a few months, delivering key benefits to the business both financially and in terms of the end-user experience.

The solution

Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) is a modern and secure virtualisation platform that powers VMs and containers for applications and cloud-native workloads on-premises and in public clouds.

The simplified infrastructure on the platform has led Fujitsu Hong Kong to better annual savings, cutting down the demand for its IT by around 20 days.

“The IT team now has a single pane of glass through which they can manage everything,” Ng said.

He added that the company could also spot any "abnormal activity" and patch automatically in case of security threats.

“There have been many successful use cases for Nutanix,” he said.

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