BARC India taps Yotta Infrastructure to revamp its digital capabilities

BARC India taps Yotta Infrastructure to revamp its digital capabilities
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Has improved scalability and uptime.

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India’s largest TV audience measurement player Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is working with Hiranandani Group’s data centre arm, Yotta Infrastructure to revamp its digital capabilities. 

BARC India manages a diverse TV audience measurement system across 210 million TV households in the country, using 44,000 sample panel homes.

It adapts hybrid infrastructure with physical data centres and cloud services across its application and software. The company is now realigning its data centre capabilities to improve scalability and uptime. 

Its operations, critically dependent on robust technology core and high-performance infrastructure has pushed the firm to revamp its digital infrastructure. 

BARC India’s CIO Mahendra K Upadhyay said their existing legacy setup could not support their requirements on network performance readiness. “A major proportion of the IT equipment needed timely update and we had decided to migrate our entire infrastructure to a data centre facility.”

The partners had been able to manage the entire lift-and-shift migration in a single day, he added. 

After a rigorous evaluation of various service providers, we tapped Yotta NM1 to ensure future-readiness, Upadhyay added. 

Following a comprehensive study of its digital footprint, BARC India has devised and executed a detailed project plan for the migration for creating an optimised network architecture. 

“To rule out any impact on operations during migration, we simultaneously built a parallel setup to ensure business as usual,” he said.

The firm has been working towards new digital solutions for quite some time in the past. Along with its BARC TechComm, the firm has recently developed Augmented Data Reporting standards for News and Special Interest genres. 

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