Automotive transmission maker JATCO automates operations

Automotive transmission maker JATCO automates operations
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In collaboration with UiPath.

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Japanese automotive transmission manufacturer, JATCO, a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company, has implemented a company-wide automation strategy, in close collaboration with enterprise automation software company UiPath.

Initially, JATCO started using UiPath's Business Automation Platform in its Research & Development (R&D) department.

Following its success in the department, the company decided to implement the business automation platform organisation-wide.

A JATCO spokesperson said that prior to implementing the UiPath solution, the R&D department had to work manually and spend hours on tasks like the extraction and analysis of data.

According to JATCO, the team felt the need for an automation tool that could extract important data while developing new products, to speed up the development process.

Since the implementation UiPath solution, the department has developed over 750 workflows, which has saved more than 200,000 hours since late 2018, it added.

UiPath’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Rob Enslin, said the company supports JATCO, as it scales its automation use enterprise-wide to maximise productivity gains.

By augmenting its automation solutions with skills training for its workforce, JATCO will be able to reap the full potential of automation and future-proof business,” said Enslin.

Further, the company has improved the efficiency of report preparation through automation and can review hour usage on a weekly basis.

Prior to this, it was available on a monthly basis.

This helped the company to quickly identify causes of delay and adjust delivery dates and resources in advance.

JATCO said it is training citizen developers in each division so that they can develop their own workflows. 

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