Accenture and Microsoft partner to support 33 startups and Social Enterprises

Accenture and Microsoft partner to support 33 startups and Social Enterprises

The collaboration provides startups in the region with access to emerging technology, expertise and innovation capabilities.

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Accenture and Microsoft Asia have expanded the reach of Project Amplify to support 33 startups across Asia Pacific by helping them scale emerging solutions and business models. The joint initiative aims to improve lives by addressing diverse societal challenges via startups which focus on social impact and sustainability.

The 33 startups selected for the program have demonstrated how their product, service, and operations address a significant social or environmental problem and have shown early signs of impact.

Through Project Amplify, all 33 startups will have access to the latest technologies, as well as know-how, expertise and mentoring from both Accenture and Microsoft. The companies will help startups test and validate proof-of-concepts to re-envision and expand the impact and social benefit of their solutions.

"Social enterprises face many challenges, including access to technology and innovation expertise to scale their solutions," said Sanjay Podder, managing director and Technology Sustainability Innovation lead at Accenture. "By leveraging the technology experience and networks of both Accenture and Microsoft, we can help bridge this gap. As these social enterprises expand their reach, we hope to see significant improvement in the status of vulnerable groups in our communities that need support in sustainability, healthcare, education and agriculture."

Purpose-driven startups participating in Project Amplify include India’s Docturnal, a provider of affordable healthcare through non-invasive point of care screening to proactively detect disease. Another example is TapEffect, a social enterprise that is making clean tap water accessible and affordable for households in under-served towns and rural areas of Cambodia. In Singapore, DIBIZ is empowering manufacturers, traders, plantations, and farmers to adhere to sustainable practices through collaboration.

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