StarHub working with Tech Mahindra and other technology partners

StarHub working with Tech Mahindra and other technology partners
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To offer best-in-class digital experience.

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As part of its ongoing cloud-based DARE+ transformation strategy, StarHub is working with technology partners Tech Mahindra, CompaxDigital, Dreamcloud and Matrixx to develop what it calls “best-in-class digital experience” for its customers.

Indian tech services firm, Tech Mahindra, is helping StarHub modernise its IT operations for consumer-facing systems and processes, to achieve IT operational efficiency and improve customer experiences.

Tech Mahindra is working with the other tech partners on StarHub’s mobile app, which the telco envisages as being a one-stop shop for customer needs.

CompaxDigital is a Vienna-based business support system (BSS) software provider while Dreamcloud is a Singapore-based company which offers low-code solutions for app development and professional services, and MATRIXX Software is a US-based 5G monetisation solutions provider.

The StarHub app is powered by a microservices-based comprehensive Digital BSS suite and is integrated with an artificial intelligence (AI) friendly chatbot that provides offline support to customers, the telco said.

StarHub’s chief of consumer business group, Johan Buse, said the company has “simplified and de-mystified the payment and service management journey” of customers, by bringing a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution.

CompaxDigital’s SVP of Global Sales, Robin Laliberté, said, by leveraging the modular, cloud-native and microservices-based BSS platform, “Tech Mahindra and CompaxDigital have ensured a future-proof technology foundation capable of further enabling new services and business models for StarHub”.

Dreamcloud’s Director, Wong Seok Ling, said low code helped to accelerate the development of the digital channels, giving StarHub “the speed and agility required” in today's competitive telco landscape.

MATRIXX Software’s CEO, Glo Gordon, said by utilising the company’s 5G monetisation platform, StarHub can deliver services in real-time and meet customers' changing needs.

Overall, the partnerships have allowed the roll-out of product offers and business changes quicker, the launch of a reliable and agile platform to future-proof investments, and fast-track innovation based on cloud-native principles, StarHub said.

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