Indian online shopping portal Meesho revamps customer service network

Indian online shopping portal Meesho revamps customer service network

Using Juniper Networks SD-WAN solution.

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India’s online shopping portal, Meesho has partnered with Juniper Networks to improve connectivity and uptime for its VoIP (voice-over IP) applications that link its call centre network across India.

Meesho is using an SD-WAN solution powered by Juniper’s Session Smart Routing (SSR) and its Mist Cloud.

Founded in 2015, Meesho recorded more than 100 million transacting users on its platform in 2021. The company is based in Bangalore, in the Indian state of Karnataka.

The company said with 13 partner call centres around the country, it needed a high-performing SD-WAN solution that could provide agility and scalability to support VoIP applications, especially during peak festive seasons.

The company offers 24-hour customer service.

Meesho’s Director of IT, Ismail Mohideen, said with the implementation of Juniper’s SD-WAN solution at all outsourced call centres, the company was able to handle a 30 percent increase in call volume.

When a link goes down, the Juniper SD-WAN automatically reroutes the traffic over an alternative available link, he added.

“Connectivity is up, and customer calls are answered by the most appropriate available agent,” Mohideen said.

With Juniper’s “session-smart approach” to SD-WAN, calls are routed to the next available connection without any disruption, balancing traffic over MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) and broadband internet links based on session policies and network status, to allow IP voice calls priority over other call centre applications, Mohideen said.

This “efficient and reliable” call routing to agents has allowed the company to keep up with the surge of customer demand from India’s Tier 2, 3, and 4 regions, he added.

400,000 calls a day

Mohideen said the company has been able to serve more than 400,000 customer service calls per day during peak holiday sales, without a single call dropped.

Juniper’s SSR has improved and secured the network performance of Meesho’s outsourced customer service agents across India, as well as supporting seven local languages, Mohideen said.

It does so by combining secure vector routing with zero trust access control and segmentation policy, he added.

Additionally, the router has a tunnel-less architecture making it more efficient and cost-effective than traditional routers and frees up more bandwidth for applications to use Mohideen said.

The company has achieved an overall increase in call volume and retention rates and managed to build a service-centric network that “allows unlocking new levels of growth” while strengthening customer relationships, he added. 

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